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King Biscuit Blues Festival 2019

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Each October fans of the Blues descend on Helena, Arkansas, for the King Biscuit Blues Festival. Helena is just a hop skip and a jump down Highway 49 from Clarksdale, through Robert Johnson’s famous crossroads at 61 and 49. This part of the country is saturated with the Blues. It’s the music that floats through our souls as we travel the back roads still flanked by fields of soybeans and cotton, just as they would have been in the 1930s.

The beauty of this landscape certainly influenced the music. Its melodies comes from our shared experiences of love and loss, faith and freedom. The rhythm is gritty and raw, but beautiful and healing like telling your deepest secret to a stranger.

The Blues is a real life adventure. Hop in the car, point it in the direction of Clarksdale, Mississippi, and go where the road leads you. Experience an adventure off-the-cuff and relax when you arrive at our door. Here at the Travelers Hotel we have a history of welcoming those weary from the road and sending them back out refreshed and rejuvenated. Our modern version of the Travelers will also inspire your creativity! We’d love to be part of your adventure. And YES, we have rooms available for King Biscuit. Book today!